Data Centers Sell Out as Fast as They Can.

But Miners Can’t Stop Growing…

Bitcoin Difficulty & Hash Rate chart

Bitcoin Difficulty & Hash Rate

The reality of difficulty and hash rate pressures a miner to always be growing his mining inventory. You’ve got to keep up or you get left behind.

And as miners accumulate an increasingly number of miners, the demand for hosting space also increases.

To frustrate the situation, there are countless dozens of ~2 MW facilities (on the high end) that hit their goal of selling all two megaWatts, and they proudly boast of their achievement on their homepage. You can’t blame them – they just want to sell all their product as fast as they can.  Good for them.

Let’s take a look at a few

As Wholesalers, We Always Have Hosting Inventory

We Get Customers Lower Pricing Than They’ll Get Direct

Our Price Match/Beat Guarantee

Nearly all Bitcoin mining data centers sell their inventory as fast as they can with no deployment plan to serve customers’ growth needs.

When you buy hosting with BOM, you are getting an inventory guarantee for your expansion plans (it is in our new contracts). We survey our customers quarterly so our deployment schedule is customer calibrated.

If you’re getting price quotes, be sure to ask if there is an inventory guarantee. The answer will help you get a truly apples to apples price comparison.

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