Custom Mining Data Centers

Custom data center ROI is fantastic: within 90-120 days data centers pay for themselves. From location scouting & construction to daily management and even sales (your own hosting business), we can make your cryptocurrency mining data center project a financial success. We specialize in developing data centers in select areas of WA and OR…where there are no power moratoriums and power rates as low as $0.0334 kWh.


View current “Onsite-at-Substation” opportunity in Tacoma, WA 

Location Scouting

Whether you want to buy or lease, we’ll scout locations and interface with the owner/landlord on your behalf. 

Power Utility Handling 

Getting power isn’t easy in WA. We know the PUDs’ processes & people, and succeed where others fail. 

Data Center Constructions

Our cryptocurrency mining data center construction experience enables us to build a high quality facility fast and on budget. 

Sales & Management

We can manage the day to day operations, AND bring in additional revenue by selling hosting accounts for your excess power (optional).

Budget & Fees, Current Client Example 

1 MW Shipping Container Data Center: $150,000

Electrical Integration: $15k 

Power Rate: $0.0725 kWh (includes rent & all recurring overhead)


Time to completion: 90-120 days


Open Your Own Bitcoin Mining Data Center in Washington or Oregon States

Are you considering building an altcoin mining data center in WA or OR? If not, maybe you should be. Whether you’ve got 50 miners or 5,000, the monthly savings are likely to pay for the data center in just three or four months. The ROI of our custom data centers is very high. We can help you find the right warehouse location in WA or OR where power is cheap and plentiful (where there are no power moratoriums), and we can manage the application process, permits, contractors…everything. Our data center services are perfect if you live far, far away from WA and OR. If you’re a Bitcoin miner living in California or another state with expensive power rates, you probably heard about the low electricity rates in the Pacific Northwest and were trying to figure out how you could take advantage of them. Contact us to schedule a call – we can have your data center up and running in just a few months. 


Have you been searching for Washington warehouses for rent or lease with lots of power? You’re probably having a tough time finding an industrial warehouse with three phase power and 1600 amps. You could search for the 502 licensed cannabis growers – sometimes you can find a grow operation that’s for rent, but it takes a lot of work to make that industrial space a data center / mining farm. You need more than just cheap electricity, transformers, 2000 amps, and three phase power. You also need electrical distribution, ventilation, HVAC or A/C…it’s very tough finding commercial warehouses in Washington or Oregon for lease or sale that have enough power for cryptocurrency mining data centers. That’s why we’re here … we can help you build your mining farm and get you cheap electricity too!