Cheap Power Everywhere at Moratorium Risk

Chelan County WA, which has the cheapest power in the US, placed a moratorium on Bitcoin mining power applicants recently, as I’m sure many of you have heard. These measures only affected large-scale miners who were applying for megaWatts. But the moratoriums didn’t stop miners in Chelan: they simply rented apartments, houses, warehouses…whatever was for rent and connected to the grid. So now the PUD has taken another several steps forward in their confrontation with the mining industry: they’re monitoring power usage to identify miners and shutting down “illegal” operations:

Staff reviewing meter readings saw power use at the Wenatchee apartment jump from a typical 500 kilowatt hours (kwH) to 11,000-plus kwH. PUD staff checked the location, found the balcony door and windows open, likely to help cool the cryptocurrency mining equipment. Investigation showed no one was living in the apartment.

In Malaga, the homeowner was told his mining operation was illegal and talked with staff about options for legal service, but continued to mine without following through until crews disconnected service. In Chelan, an approved operator expanded his operation beyond the allowed power amount without required notification.

“Chelan County PUD to enforce ‘rogue’ bitcoin moratorium”, HeraldNet

Moratoriums Throughout US & in Canada

The measures taken by Chelan County PUD are now happening throughout the US and in Canada…and let’s be real, anywhere there is mining (which is everywhere) will soon have strict policies about mining.

Articles about Bitcoin moratoriums by power companies

Power moratoriums are spreading throughout the US and in Canada. Law enforcement can even be called for violators.

You could substitute “crystal meth lab” for “Bitcoin mining operation” in the flurry of articles that have come out about the topic, and it would be befitting.

Mining in Approved Facilities Crucial

It’s more important than ever to make sure your miners are in a facility that has gone through all the right channels with the local utilities and communities. Our facility has done that, and has the blessing of the local PUD for several hundred mW.

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