bitmain-antminer-s7-4-73th-02I am building a modest mining data center in Washington state. I primarily took on this project just to find my miners a home, but I’ve expanded the scope in order to help with the costs.

This is not a multi-million dollar, mega data center. No contract mining, just a data center for your gear. I have about 2000 sq ft, and am looking to give a home to the power equivalent of about 40-80 kW in the first few months. I have an option to expand into another building onsite, so we’ll see where this goes…

I don’t have prices finalized yet, but my goal is to offer $0.10 kW/h (includes cooling, rent, everything).

If you’re interested, either use the contact form on the right or leave a comment below.

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louis · March 28, 2018 at 7:52 pm

Hello, my miner arrives, when can you be there?
I live in Seattle. My machine is S9-13.5T-10, A3-3.
Can the price give me a discount? When does it begin

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