Looking for Cheap Power in the NorthWest for Altcoin Mining?

And finally, one of the last of the inexpensive PUD’s in Washington state holding out on cryptocurrency power policies has caved in and announced an “Electricity Intensive Load” policy for the Tri-City area (Kennewick, Pasco, Richland).


Map of power utilities in Washington State with cheap power for altcoin mining.

Map of power utilities in Washington State with cheap power for altcoin mining.

To be fair, this policy is not as drastic as the “moratoriums” imposed by other  PUDs (Chelan, Douglas, Lewis, Mason).

Whereas moratoriums put a stop to new applicants (and in some cases – any/all altcoin mining), Benton’s policy mandates a particular review protocol (safety, impact), so Benton hasn’t completely put the brakes on mining.   However, considering that it now has (about) the cheapest power potentially available, there will be even more mining operations heading there.  I know of two Bitcoin mining operations setting up as I type this.

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What makes Benton attractive is the rate for large general service – $0.0384 kWh with about $5-10 demand charge per kW – that puts your total cost at around $0.045….that’s excellent.

There are a few PUD’s with cheap power left in the northwest that miners have not yet assaulted.  However, only clients who are paying me to scout data center locations get that info. It looks like miners will have to stick with their Bitcoin miner hosting companies for now.

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