Finding Cheap Power for Bitcoin Mining

Utilities & Rate Card Prices: Our Current Favorite

We keep two databases of rates cards for utilities (or PUDs as we call them in the northwest). PUD rates are usually buried in PDFs.  If you look at enough rate cards, you learn to convert kWh to kW month (conversion table in image).

Here’s an example of a utility with excellent rates – it’s not easy finding electricity prices as low as these.

When we’re helping clients look for a data center location, the local PUD is the most important factor in the decision. We start by defining a target kWh (e.g. $0.055 max) and then identify all the PUDs with power in that range, and THEN look for locations. Ideally we want < $3 annual sf for a lease.

We’ve got a great portfolio of cryptocurrency mining data center locations identified if you’re looking…just contact us to learn more.  We also have clients looking for partners for their own leases and/or buys, so if you’re considering, contact us.

Top Ranking Power Utility with Low Prices

rate card for power utility showing excellent electricity prices

sample power utility rate card – these are excellent prices for industrial / commercial rate classes

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