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Law Enforcement Can Be Summoned on Miners

That means they can call the police and have you thrown in jail for illegal mining

Does anyone really want to keep mining in WA state?

I get calls everyday from people hoping to have their miners hosted in WA for the cheap power. I have to break it to them that the cheap power no longer exists.

The Market Has Changed. Welcome to the New Reality of Higher Prices

It may be difficult to accept, but you’re not getting cheap power anymore. Hell, we’re lucky to have ANY power at all. Take a look at Plattsburgh NY…that is coming to a town near you SOON.

I can send your miners to a great facility NOT in the northwest, nor would you want it to be. Try Googling “Bitcoin Mining Power Moratorium” to stay on the latest. You’ll see the moratoriums are spreading all over North America. Grab any power while you can.


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